Love Poem | The Presence is You

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In the glare of little sunshine,
In blossoms of pink daffodils,
With buckets of happiness,
Presence is you.

It’s you
in the first rain to the fists,
In the closed eyes of the nights,
It’s you – Seeking a heart,
to console, and to burn it.

It’s you
in the slump of dreams,
in the wonders of rains,
with the brand of stare.
In the rivers of romance
dissolved is you.

It’s you,
for an ever, to a forever,
and never to be never,
Presence is you.
It’s you for a forever,
It’s always YOU.

Summary “The Presence is You”

Love is nothing more than a mere supposition, but in one way or the other, we all conceive it the way we want to conceive it rather than what it is. It is present in us all – and that is all about love. Love lets you feel the landscapes, the nature, the heart and breathe – the mere existence of beautiful eyes, hair, and even breathe lets you see, feel, and lose yourself to the ground.

The presence must be felt rather than analytical, rational, critical evaluation. The best thing to do in love is to think of love not about the love.


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