The menaces of Bird Mortality and Cold-Blooded Mortal Comportments

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Increasing Bird Mortality is an additional battle we are enforcing on ourselves – An undefinable battle

The world of birds is fascinating. A remarkable creature with feathers and wings who remind us of love and care and compassion and peace. An honest determination to migrate from one corner to another corner of this world makes us believe what can be done if we truly and entirely put ourselves to a cause. This saga of Bird Migration was firstly stated more than 3,000 years ago and who knows if this wasn’t observed after many centuries or thousands of centuries. However, the visual experience of watching these groups of coloured creatures flying over our heads in the vast blue sky and the sweet chirping that consoles our eardrums are godly to this godless world.

These astonishing journeys of these birds go beyond our conceivable distance: While Few of them circle the whole earth; others travel the longest distance possible – From Arctic Circle to Antarctica; Few of them travel as long as 15000 kilometres every year, and few shorter distance migratory birds travel from lower altitude to higher altitude and from higher altitude to lower altitudes in the Himalayas and various mountainous regions. In addition to these, there are large numbers of birds hovering near human habitat – in rural and in urban environments who travel according to various aspects such as climatic conditions, Food availabilities, water resources reachability, and many more factors.

When traveling from one destination to another these birds carry themselves with the expectation of living a better life when they will reach their terminus. But most of these migratory birds die before they reach their destination. They get killed. We kill them without knowing that we have actually killed them and in some cases, we kill them knowingly. And those winds searing and sky’s depth measuring creature fall on the ground and never get to say goodbyes to their loved ones. This is the mammoth height of inhumane sentiments that we, the humans, possess.

The birds serve nature and nature serves the world. Their reforestation efforts are incomparable – they work as seed carriers to the barren and uncultivated land and let it flourish for the years to come. They perform as the chief transporter in the seed pollination processes. These incredible birds are the best source of pest control as most of them are fed on them. Birds are also helpful in measuring the health of the environment. Geologists use the bird’s health data and the effect of the environment on birds to examine the health of environment for us. These reports and analyses help geologists examine and foresee the best outcomes out of the environment and work for the betterment of the environment. 

Sadly, the number of birds being killed every year also goes beyond our imaginations. Every Year more than 72 million birds are killed by poisoning; More than 845 million birds die due to several collisions (including Building glasses, Communication towers, Vehicles, Wind Termites, and many more). These numbers become horrifying when put together with the birds killed by the cats (which is undoubtedly the most dangerous threat killing around 2.4 billion birds every year) and various electrocution deaths (which estimates around 5.6 million). An estimated total of 3.3 billion birds die or gets killed every year in the United States. The world approximations of the birds mortality can be estimated considering the data we have from the United States.

These causes are so entangled with the natural causes that bring death to these innocent birds that we always keep a justification waiting to be served while we keep our eyes and heart shut. Some people justify these killings as a sequence of the natural food chain –supporting their arguments with the cats’ killings. This justification is spurious and callous. The bird mortality due to human interventions to the environment and ecosystem goes beyond a billion and must be restricted before it asks for a payback.

Our predispositions towards our ecosystem and the undebatable topic of humans hurting the environment have called several hazards and destructions in the past and will definitely call many. Saving Birds from the traps of our own recklessness demands nothing but a consciousness towards the killing of birds. If we think they will cry for our help – No, they won’t.  In excess of 150 species of birds are now extinct and the truth that surfaces is we can’t do anything about that. We may never know how they might have looked in the blue-sunny-dark-reddish-white sky. They’re gone for forever. What we do know is we can save 2500 and more species of these birds who are now fighting these ongoing starvations, terrors, and threats of sustainability. We never know what future may be holding in his white assumptions, aspirations, dreams, desires, intend, but we must be awake before the darkest sun of actions melts us down. 

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